Rising to the data quality challenge

Data Quality in the Public Sector

We all know public sector organisations face a challenge in delivering a high quality of service to citizens in the face of stretched resources. The key for the public sector is to derive strategies based on doing more with less - data quality fundamentally underpins these key decisions. As such they need to treat their data as a strategic asset to make the right decisions around the provision of services whilst driving operational efficiencies.

Experian Data Quality have a broad range of clients across the public sector including local authorities, central government agencies, the emergency services and healthcare organisations all with their own varied range of use cases for our market leading software and services.

“Better quality data and improved management techniques could save the public sector £16-£33 billion per year”*

Data Quality and Insight

Create a single view of the citizen and append it with additional information to make the best possible decisions around service provision. Whether you need a complete patient record to administer the appropriate medication or to understand communication preferences to support a channel shift initiative - accurate data quality and insight adds value to strategic and tactical decisions.

Data Processes and Services

Get clarity on the standard of the citizen data you hold and the processes that surround it. Whether you are responsible for a social care application or a corporate wide data quality initiative, it is important to work with a partner that can give you a true assessment of your data today, the improvements that can be made and the impact that will have on your organisation or department.

Data Management

Public Sector organisations need to manage the quality of their data over time to support the transparency agenda, manage reputational risk and customer service whilst assisting in taking cost out of the organisation. Options are at hand when delivering these transformational projects with software tools that can help you control, manage and improve records and accelerate the pace of projects.

Data Integration

Reap the benefits of operational efficiency and improved strategic decision making by integrating data quality solutions into the heart of CRM, HR and finance systems along with other core applications. Partner with an organisation that can offer pre packaged and bespoke integrations to give you access to improved management reporting.

Making it happen

Council boosts data sharing and interpretation

In partnership with Experian Data Quality and the Improvement Service, North Lanarkshire Council ran a successful customer data cleansing and matching exercise. The exercise analysed thousands of customer records held across multiple systems and databases operated across the Council. The data was formatted to a common standard, corrected and improved e.g. adding missing elements, correcting spelling errors, re-coding postcodes, as well as adding valuable demographic and geographic information to records. Duplicate records were merged and assigned unique IDs to help facilitate a SCV.

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*Policy Exchange (2012) ‘The Big Data Opportunity: Making government faster, smarter and more personal’.