Analyse, improve and control your data

Experian Pandora - Simplified data management

Why Choose Experian Pandora?

Now more than ever, the ability to make decisions based on relevant, high quality data is a business enabler and a competitive differentiator. Making sure the right data is available when it is needed holds the key to moving first and moving fastest - to secure lasting advantage, and manage risk.

But in a complex, data-rich global business environment, Experian Pandora can enable your business to:

  • Create a simplified and consolidated data infrastructure, optimised for agile data management, discovery and interrogation
  • Maximise return on your infrastructure and minimise risk, by efficiently discovering and eliminating data quality issues
  • Maintain data as one of your business assets, by ensuring that quality and accuracy standards are met and maintained over time

Whether your organisation is in the early stages of a data migration project or seeking to enhance the on-going maintenance of data accuracy to secure regulatory compliance, Experian Pandora offers an elegant solution. It will enable you to analyse, improve and control your data - and help you to move faster, accelerating projects where large amounts of processing and analysis are required.

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With data growing at an exponential rate, Experian Pandora offers significant business benefits to any organisation that utilises either public or private sector data, unleashing the power of your data to:

  • Fuel increased revenue generation
  • Improve customer service
  • Safeguard against potential compliance issues

The primary business benefits unlocked by Experian Pandora are:

  • Cost reduction through more accurate and streamlined business processes
  • A more complete understanding of the value of your organisation's data assets
  • Strengthened regulatory compliance underpinned by data governance processes to control, maintain and report on the accuracy of data
  • Greater control of your organisation's data
  • Allowing business users to manage data in a way that is meaningful to them
  • Enabling your organisation to focus on the key areas of improvement that that will add the most value to the business
  • Accelerating all data related projects to avoid the business impact of programme delays

Experian Pandora is an interactive software tool that is capable of profiling a range of data sources, whether you are dealing with spread sheets, delimited files or relational databases.

The software provides your organisation with the functionality to quickly and easily:

  • Interrogate and profile data across your IT landscape
  • Identify relationships between data records and investigate dependencies
  • Monitor the quality of your data, using validation rules
  • Prototype and test data transformations using all your data
  • Design and manage data quality scorecards and KPIs
  • Evaluate and quantify the value of data quality for your organisation, enabling you to make a business case for corrective action
  • Provide high performance with very large data volumes, and a low-risk architecture


The software allows for multi-user collaboration and requires no configuration or administration. It provides results quickly and conveniently, regardless of data volumes, and runs on commodity hardware.

Automated and comprehensive

Experian Pandora automatically profiles all data and highlights statistically unusual values (outliers). It also discovers and provides record-level drilldown to inconsistencies, broken/valid keys and inter-table relationships. Its broad, interactive analytical capabilities assist users in identifying the root causes of issues and thus taking the first real steps towards corrective process improvement.

Fast and efficient

The software achieves far more than just data profiling. It enables your organisation to understand, transform and manage your data quality in a fast and effective way - making manual data profiling a thing of the past.

Experian Pandora performs three main functions; data analysis, data prototyping and data management.

Data analysis provides data transparency at an enterprise level. It allows data architects and subject matter experts to investigate and assess data content, structure, relationships and quality. Experian Pandora provides unlimited speed of thought browsing and interrogation of data and metadata. The single, consolidated repository of knowledge about data will underpin all subsequent data-dependent projects.

Data prototyping allows Data Architects and Analysts to generate complete, optimised, unambiguous and fully validated mapping specification documents for end-to-end data integration processes, along with full sets of associated test data.

Data management enables organisations to identify and investigate relevant data, assess and improve its quality, and control this process over time, independent of whether the information concerns customers, products, finance, sales or other business areas. Business rules are associated with monetary measures to provide business relevant financial KPIs, and their results are stored to provide time-based directional KPIs.