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Ensuring that your database is free from duplicate contact records should be an essential part of your data management strategy. Establishing a clear and accurate view of your customers and prospects will ensure effective communications, more intuitive decision making, and confidence in the integrity of your database.

QAS Unify is a data deduplication tool that prevents duplicate records from entering your database and also identifies and merges duplicates in your back-end systems.

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  • Financial - save your organisation time and money with more effective communications and stronger decision making
  • Brand perception - Make your marketing and customer service communication strategy more effective, avoiding bad press
  • Data quality - Protect the integrity of your database by identifying duplicate records
  • Business process - Ensure a single view of your customers and prospects to drive operational efficiencies

"In this industry, databases begin to degrade from the moment information is recorded. If we're to understand our customers as individuals and harness maximum customer value, we need to act on accurate data within hours, not days."

Rani Tarumarajan, IT Project Manager P&O Ferries

Real-time de-duplication

duplication prevention at the point a person's contact details are entered into your database. This works by searching for a specified contact against your database. If an exact or similar record is found, the solution will return these records. This offers the option of selecting an existing contact record from within your database for editing, rather than risking a duplicate record being added.

Bulk de-duplication

Allows you to identify and merge duplicate contact records in bulk from your database on a regular basis. This can be done by de-duping a single file or database, or by comparing two files or databases for similar or identical records.

QAS Unify Key Features:

  • Support for large data volumes - identify and merge duplicates at a rate of 2 million records per hour for data sources of up to 40 million records in size.
  • Pre-set and custom matching scenarios - make it easy to group records associated with individuals, families, households and businesses.
  • Intuitive rule builders - give you complete control over how duplicates are identified, how the surviving records are selected and how duplicates are merged together.
  • Multiple matching techniques - to ensure matching is successful and accurate. Phonetic, fuzzy and alias matching are among the techniques employed automatically.
  • Exclusion lists of common words - define lists of frequently-occurring words such as "society" or "Ltd." to disregard when matching organisation names.
  • Matches any type of information - find matches across names, businesses and addresses, as well as other types of information such as dates of birth and national insurance numbers. The full range of elements that can be matched means more accurate de-duplication.
  • Import and export - from and to a variety of common file types and databases via ODBC or direct connection to MS SQL Server 2005 and 2008.

QAS Professional Services

With the assistance of QAS Professional Services, the de-duplication capabilities offered by QAS Unify can be integrated, automated and scheduled periodically to fit or be performed as a one-off bulk de-duplication run to fit in with your business workflow. Our training consultants are also on hand to share their expertise on QAS Unify with you.