Capture, store and use mobile numbers more effectively

Validate mobile numbers

The channel growth of mobile has been unprecedented, and with mobile advertising currently expanding year-on-year at 148%* in the UK, it has no signs of abating. As your business becomes more digitally focussed the importance of accurately capturing, storing and using mobile information exponentially grows.

QAS Mobile Validate is a verification tool that enables real-time mobile number validation and confirmation of the consumer's network. The solution also determines current country of operation and can integrate seamlessly into your webforms. Accurate capture and confirmation of mobile numbers can improve your communication effectiveness and protect the integrity of the information in your database.

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Does your database already contain incorrect mobile numbers?

Our team of data experts are on hand to perform bulk mobile address validation services on any legacy innacuracies that your organisation may currently have. We can verify the number of incorrect mobile numbers that your database may contain and offer advice around possible alterations or fixes. Our consultants have delivered a vast amount of data-related projects, and take the upmost care and security when handling our customers' data.

  • Conduct effective mobile marketing via SMS and LBS (Location Based Services)
  • Minimise false online registrations of mobile numbers
  • Reduce time and resource wasted on correcting bad mobile numbers
  • Use the valid mobile numbers to send SMS notifications for business processes
  • Improve customer service and brand perception by avoiding communication gaps
  • Ensure a customer's required channel preference of communication is effectively utilised
  • Increase the overall reliability of contact information in an organisation's customer or prospect database

Have confidence in the accuracy and validity of mobile phone numbers with QAS Mobile Validate. The solution has the following features:

  • 100% coverage of mobile phone numbers in the UK and Ireland, meaning you can validate a wider pool of consumers
  • Fully redundant and fault tolerant ensuring maximum reliability
  • Responsive at all times so you can validate mobile numbers 24/7
  • Can be integrated into an existing web form, or you can access a self-serve web portal or secure FTP site to process bulk lists of mobile phone numbers
  • If mobile accuracy is a priority for your business then QAS Mobile Validate can help by checking phone number syntax, existence and usage on a network

How does it work?

QAS Mobile Validate is a service that allows you to verify whether a given mobile telephone number exists and is live on a network in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland. The service can be accessed in two ways:

1. In bulk by uploading a .csv file containing the mobile telephone numbers to be validated, separated on new lines. The file is processed offline and you receive an email notification when the process is complete and can download a file containing information about the mobile numbers you supplied.

2. In real-time (one mobile number at a time) by making HTTPS requests to an API endpoint. You receive an XML response containing information about the mobile number you supplied.

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