Keep your email database accurate with Email Validation

Email Validation

In a digital society the importance of email as a communication channel cannot be understated. Therefore, ensuring you collect and hold accurate email addresses must play an important role in your wider data strategy.

Experian Data Quality has a robust range of email validation solutions to help you capture accurate email address from the start , or to validate email addresses in your current database.

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  • Save time and money by collecting accurate email addresses first time
  • Reduce the costs of correcting invalid email addresses
  • Ensure database integrity by validating incorrect legacy email addresses
  • Increase the effectiveness of email-based marketing
  • Protect your brand reputation with accurate customer communications

"Many validation companies make promises on 'real time', 'scalability' and 'accuracy', but our experience shows very clearly that it's only Experian Data Quality that can deliver on them."

Alex Attinger, Joint CEO digitalbox

  • Real-time error detection - checks completed against domain, syntax and username
  • Bulk email data validation - available via our team of data consultants
  • Customiseable validation levels - so you can tailor the solution to your needs
  • Ease of installation - minimal code and extensive user guide support

How does QAS Email Validate work?

QAS Email Validate is based on web service software technology, which is a collection of protocols and standards used for exchanging data between applications or systems. Software applications written in various programming languages and running on various platforms can use web services to easily exchange data over computer networks like the Internet.

QAS Email Validate can be integrated seamlessly into your system regardless of the platform you use. What's more, it can be done without any costly upgrades or time consuming installations.

All communication to and from QAS Email Validate is done in real-time and independent of the platform you use.

Supporting documentation

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