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QAS Pro - On premise address verification

Data Capture Solutions

QAS Pro On Premise is an in-house data capture solution that offers real-time address verification. Our market-leading software returns a full address from minimal information, improving address capture speed and saving your organisation time and money.

Contact information can enter your organisation through multiple touchpoints, such as your call centre or web forms. Given the variety of data collection points, your organisation must ensure the correct processes are in place to capture this information in a consistent and accurate manner.

  • Fast, accurate address data capture - postcode and address software reduces the risk of a contact record being incorrectly spelt or inaccurately entered into your database
  • Effective profiling and segmentation - accurate and consistent records make database analysis and reporting easier. Add valuable residential and business information to your records at the point of collection with additional data
  • Improved customer perception and service - recording a full name and address from minimal information leads to a professional, efficient first impression, eliminating problems of misheard, incorrectly spelt or badly written information
  • Reduced costs - all communications will be addressed correctly, reducing administration costs associated with undelivered or late goods
  • Continuous data accuracy - regular data updates are provided to ensure you capture the most accurate and up to date data. For example updates are available monthly or quarterly for the UK Postcode Address File data

"The biggest compliment I can pay to the system is that when the 30 day trial deployment ended in our own response centre, the operators were not at all happy. We had to move quickly to make the deployment permanent."

Karen Schofield, Project Manager Tunstall

Improving data quality

  • A complete and accurate address is returned from minimal address information, searched for and validated against the postal address file for that country. Search by postcode and premise number, or find a postcode using other elements of the address.
  • Saves up to 80% of the key strokes required to record an address
  • Getting data correct at the point of entry, in a standard format, removes the requirement for standardisation when merging legacy systems at a later date

Customised and accurate formatting

  • A full address can be pasted into an underlying application
  • Addresses are formatted to a standard you specify
  • Access to international address data files
  • Available in English, French, German and Dutch

Flexible implementation

Minimal training required

  • Search prompts guide users through each stage
  • Training for the trainers is available on site

System requirements

QAS Pro is supported on the latest versions of the following platforms:

  • Windows
  • Unix
Installation support

The QAS Pro address software can be used as a Plug & Go desktop installation or via the QAS API - in stand-alone, client-server or Web-based integrations.

To access user manuals, technical documents, and sample code in the Experian Data Quality Support Site, click here

Enhanced reference data

There is also a range of additional datasets that can be appended to the information you capture.