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QAS Pro Web - address checker software for websites

Why Implement Address Checker Software on your Website?

Capturing contact data accurately provides an opportunity for creating and maintaining customer relationships. Whether via your website or browser-based applications, it can be a challenge to meet increasing expectations from the consumer for speed and accuracy when collecting contact details.

QAS Pro Web provides a fast and effective address lookup solution for your web forms. With minimal initial information you can return a full contact address. Our address checker is easily integrated into a website for simple, self-service data capture by visitors, or a browser-based application for use within CRM, finance, order-processing and HR systems.

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  • Process efficiency - quick, easy and user-friendly address search functionality
  • Seamlessly integrated - saving you time and money on installation and configuration
  • Improves Website usability - offering a better user experience for your customers
  • Streamlines checkout experience - reducing drop offs and incomplete forms

"We have calculated that QAS Pro Web presents us with the opportunity to generate £2 million a year in new income"

Paul Cassidy, Systems Development Swinton Insurance
  • Suitable for websites, browser-based applications and thin-client environments and e-commerce systems
  • Access to 27 million UK addresses and 1.7 million postcodes from the Royal Mail Postal Address File - enhanced by Experian Data Quality
  • Capture international addresses from up to 86 primary data sources
  • Integrate a wide range of data sets such as consumer names, business, lifestyle, community, parliamentary and geographic data
  • Full sample code provided to get you up and running quickly
  • Customise the format of the address to your preferred data layout
  • Support for the latest web service and programming technologies - SOAP, XML, J2EE, C# .NET, VB.NET, JSP, PHP, ASP, PerlM
  • Enhanced PAF data - optimised by Experian Data Quality to ensure accuracy
System requirements

QAS Pro Web is supported on the latest versions of the following plaforms:

  • Windows
  • Unix
Support documentation

To access user manuals, technical documents, and sample code in the Experian Data Quality Support Site, click here

Implementation options

Experian Data Quality' data consultants can help you choose the best implementation to meet the objectives of your business as well as your technical infrastructure. In addition to the technical installation, our training team can also help you get the most from your new software.

The QAS Pro On Demand solution provides a hosted product and data solution, delivering your address capture functionality via Software-as-a-Service. The service is hosted across multiple Experian data centres for increased resilience and availability.