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Single Customer View

A 'Single Customer View' or 'Single Citizen View' is the linking of customer data to provide an accurate and holistic view of any one customer across different channels and lines of business.

Single Customer View (SCV) projects tend to vary in terms of size and shape but all have one common feature - complexity. At Experian Data Quality managing complex data is in our DNA - as an organisation we are a market leader in helping our customers make sense of their data challenges. Our team of specialist consultants, who have experience in delivering Single Customer View solutions for a variety of customers, are on hand to ensure that you can drive maximum benefit from your project.

Achieving a Single Customer View is one thing but the real value is in what you actually do with it. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Experian we have unrivalled access to analytics and reference data ensuring once you obtain that single view of the customer you can gain additional insight which can be turned into actionable strategies.

The business case for SCV Request a scoping workshop

SCV business benefits

  • Improved customer engagement
  • Ability to make optimum strategic decision making
  • Achieve operational efficiencies

SCV services in detail

Experian Data Quality offer a range of software, data and services that can support you in your Single Customer View journey. We will work with you on the following key stages of the project:

  • Discovery: Identifying key risks, understanding environments, assistance with the business case
  • Scoping: Map processes, outline solution design, create statement of works
  • Data Integration: Transform data into required formats, automate loading process for files
  • Data Quality: Clean, validate, standardise and suppress records whilst identifying duplicates
  • Single Customer View: Identify data store, append PINs, import unique records into SCV data store
  • Enrich: Append additional data to customer records for segmentation purposes
  • Deliver: Deploy solution to live environment, integrate with analytical tools and operational service delivery teams.
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