Maximise the potential of your software investment with data quality training

Data Quality training

You have made a commitment to data quality within your organisation by purchasing market leading software from Experian Data Quality. Implementing the right technology is only one part of the data quality puzzle with people, processes and culture also playing a pivotal role in the success and failure of projects. Our data quality training days are designed to help you and your organisation realise the full potential of your data quality solutions.

Experian Data Quality software tools are utilised in a range of different industries offering flexibility for a variety of different use cases. When rolling out a software tool across a department or even a whole organisation it is important to leverage the experience of our consultants who can help train your teams to configure our tools to bring back the expected outcome - helping you see the return on your investment at a faster rate.

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Data Quality training business benefits

  • Enable your team to maximise the return on your technology investment
  • Utilise expertise to get the most from the product with your specific use case in mind
  • Create 'power users' and champions of the technology within your organisation

Data Quality training services in detail

We understand every organisation will have different requirements for the training of staff depending on the size and scale of your project along with existing level of experience within your team. Experian Data Quality offer flexible sessions around the following core products: Batch (1 day course), Batch with Suppression (2 day course) and Unify (2 day course). Each course will contain the key features such as:

  • Training covers concepts as well as hands-on practical exercises which gives your teams both the skill and knowledge to get the most out your product
  • Classes can be created to cater for up to six people to ensure that expertise exists across teams
  • Our training agendas can be tailored to meet varying needs and expertise of your staff
  • Practical exercises completed during the training session can be based on your sample data, enabling you to set the best configuration of our products for your business
  • Flexibility regarding the training being held either on customer site or at the Experian Data Quality offices